lost something in the translation

key vikingI’ll try not to spoilwac as I write this .

I’ve been trying to follow a blog from Poland . I don’t know how that began . But the posts , probably more and more creative and well-written in Polish , become , I think , less and less translatable on the simple automatic google translator . Here’s a sample of a recent post :

   ”   I’ll try not spoilwac and not out-talk.

Smarzowski like , even though it is unfavorable portrait painter and accuses him redrawing indeed , his films ( ‘HighwayPatrol’ , ‘The Dark House’ ) is the essence of what is wrong , the intensity hardly bearable for the well-being of viewer . Overdoing ?  I do not know……It’s not like bends , these things happen in this country , do not kid yourself . A Smarzowski is as talented perfumer who brings hajchorokterystycznlejsze threads and merges them into a striking bouquet. striking literally because the smell of condensed pounding his fist at you between the eyes .    “

It’s a film review , of course , and the filmmaker is , evidently , also a talented perfumer . I don’t think I’ll go see the film . Two reasons : 1. I don’t know what film is being discussed , and 2. I wouldn’t like the smell of condensed pounding .

I would like to get my hands on that bouquet of hajchorokterystycznlejsze threads , though . I’d give it to Ada as a surprise. They’re hard to find in this country .

Overdoing ?  It’s not like bends . Do not kid yourself .anglo-saxon print


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3 responses to “lost something in the translation

  1. I follow a blogger who periodically posts in her native French. I too, tried the Google ‘translate page” option and I too, was unimpressed. Not with the blog, but with the resulting English.

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